I had a chance to work with Niall and the PT & Performance Clinic, for my stay while visiting Ireland on business. I found the experience to be outstanding. He was able to quickly assess my fitness level and develop a plan to push my limits. He achieved a good balance of cardio work and weight lifting in a short period of time. What I benefited from most though was the knowledge he had in physiology and nutrition. Though I have worked out with trainers for a long time, I really learned a lot that I will take with me. All in all, I can recommend Niall and the PT & Performance Clinic, very highly.
Debra Kelly Ennis
President Diageo, Canada

I have worked with many trainers over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with other trainers in this time too, but only because Niall had moved back to Kerry. I love working with Niall, he is for me, without question the best coach/ trainer/ mentor around. I have seen my best results with him. I enjoy the training most. Niall moves you up through the gears and I can constantly see improvements in many facets of my life, no more than my efficiency in my professional life as MD of IPG Media Ireland.

Being in the media business, one is usually judged on their appearance and can-do attitude. Niall and his company have certainly done that for me. As a company, we hired Niall’s company The PT & Performance clinic, to design, develop and implement our Corporate Wellness offerings to our staff.

Niall’s approach is very unique, and like no other business was able to offer us. He believes that no matter the size of the work force, individualisation is the only way forward. The PT & Performance clinic developed a highly bespoke wellness offering that has encompassed online technology and on site presence to ensure maximum staff engagement.

If you want to unlock your and your staff’s potential, with a great person and company, then work with Niall. I would recommend him to everyone. He and his team will unlock potential with your staff allowing them greater self control and work life balance.

Eamon Fitzpatrick
MD IPG Media brands

Niall put me on the 21-day programme in December and when I saw it, I thought ‘Is he mad? This is a crash diet and I’ve got Christmas coming up straight after I finish it - so whatever weight I lose over the next 3 weeks will pile back on over Christmas and be even harder to shift.’

Niall had explained to me that it was all to do with my glycogen levels and a little voice in my head said to just trust him and do it. I had tried everything, Joe Wicks’ programme, classes, calorie counting and nothing was shifting the weight.

I had gained - so really I had nothing to lose. I lost 7 kgs on the programme and felt amazing. The first week was tough, but after that I sailed through. Training sessions were a cinch as well when I was on it. I’m happy to say that while I did have a bit of Christmas bloat - I did not need to go on a diet in the New Year, but I actually continued to shed weight through normal eating and exercise. Other things to note were my energy levels were great, my sleeping pattern was excellent and my skin all over my body was and still is glowing. Now I am doing 7 days of the programme every 5 weeks to give my body a good clear out and keep my metabolism burning. Thank you so much Niall!!!

Hannah Rose
Business Executive